Valmet to supply defibrator system to Action Group in India

Valmet will supply a new defibrator system to the Action Group in India, an order valued around EUR1.5-5 million.


The defibrator is an essential part of Action Group’s new fibreboard line being built, and it will produce 28 tons per hour bd (bone dry) fiber. Start-up is scheduled for September 2017.

“The defibrator to be delivered is specially designed for production levels up to 32 tonnes per hour, which is perfect in this case. The customer has two existing fibreboard production lines, and this is the first defibrator system from Valmet,” says Leif Sundberg, sales manager at Valmet.

The delivery to Action Group includes a Valmet EVO-56 Defibrator system. The material from Valmet’s system comes out fine, which is a prerequisite for successful fibreboard production.

Valmet is a supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries.