Välinge Innovation – Threespine

Threespine makes the future of furniture assembly click into place… again!

You know the feeling when everything clicks into place, right? This is what Välinge Innovation’s Threespine® technology makes furniture assembly feel like. Suddenly it’s possible to assemble furniture with a simple click, with no need of tools or fittings and with rock-solid results. They say it’s the future of furniture assembly and we are ready to agree!

Välinge Innovation have a long history of creating innovative flooring technologies that have forever transformed the industry, and their floor installation systems are known as the fastest, easiest and most reliable solutions available. When they decided to use this knowledge to create a brand-new way to assemble furniture – it was an immediate success.

他们的 Threespine Core 解决方案彻底改变了游戏规则,并成功地为设计和生产机会铺平了道路,这在以前是不可能的。

Furniture assembly made for the future


A new and brilliant IDea

Coming from the market-leading innovators at Välinge it’s really no surprise that they, at this year’s edition of Interzum – the European trade fair for furniture production and interior design – premiered yet another brand-new click furniture solution, Threespine ID. Assembly is just as effortless, results still solid, but the design is different. ID has all the benefits the Threespine technology is known for, but it’s based on the industry’s more traditional drilling methods which makes implementation in both design and production even easier.

“Our booth at Interzum 2023 was designed as an apartment and decorated with furniture produced by some of our licensees and clicked together with our technology”, says Ola Kronvall, Sales Director Furniture at Välinge Innovation. “This was an excellent way to show the wide variety of design possibilities our solutions provide, and we’re delighted to see the amount of interest it attracted.”

Seeing how well the industry has responded to ID, the newest addition in the Threespine portfolio, makes it safe to assume that this easy click furniture technology is exactly what the industry has been yearning for to be able to stay competitive and meet the change in market demand. The new, younger generations want high-tech solutions, smart and sustainable design, easy assembly and they are shopping online – so fast deliveries and flatpacks are non-negotiables.

“The positive reception of Threespine ID has really exceeded all our expectations. It is just released to the market, and we already have several new partners eager to start using it”, Ola continues.

Redesign, reuse and recycle

Threespine rewrites the rules of furniture assembly and disassembly and facilitates a more circular approach to design and economy. With Threespine it is possible to create furniture that are changeable in form and function, and it makes replacing parts easy, extends product longevity and makes recycling simple.

The Threespine technology is a complete revolution for the industry, omnichannel retailers, and consumers — enabling a total rethink in how furniture is designed, produced, transported, stored, and sold – with major savings in both cost and space at every step of the supply chain. Add the large environmental wins of no fittings, flat-packs, smarter transports and the opportunity to create products made for a circular economy and you’re on to a real, sustainable winner. It’s no wonder everybody is talking about Threespine, right?