Välinge Innovation launches its first flooring under the name Välinge Flooring in the U.S.

Välinge Innovation has launched its very first flooring product.

Besides having the 5G® fold down locking system with the waterproof joint 5G® Dry™, the floor is manufactured with the Woodura® surface technology. This patented technology is based on fusing a thin sheet of real wood with a wood fibre core through a powder mix layer. The powder mix perfectly fills natural openings of the wood and enhances the wood appearance and in the same operation makes the wood surface extremely durable and strong.  Woodura® provides an opportunity to enhance the unique character of natural wood by combining different wood assortments with powder mixes in different colours.

The Woodura technology creates a floor that is 3 to 5 times stronger than other hardwood floors resulting in improved indent resistance – no more worrying about pets running, children dropping toys. The floor is so good that it is possible to use in light commercial applications without sacrificing the look and feel. In addition, 5G® Dry™ makes the floor waterproof for topical water – the perfect floor for both an active family home and most commercial environments.

Trend in flooring: wide planks

As the trend in flooring continues to go towards wide planks, Välinge Flooring’s products really hit the mark. The technology allows for production of extra wide planks, up to 11” wide and 8’ long – at a very affordable price. Also, on trend are the colours and species of wood used for the collection. Whether you want to give your room a contemporary, vintage or industrial character, the 11 colorways in ash, walnut and oak will give you the design that you want.

The floor is produced in a state-of-the-art flooring factory in Viken, Sweden with 50 million SQF annually capacity. The raw material for the wood face layer comes from Välinge’s sister company Bjelin in Croatia.

Välinge Flooring will primarily be sold via distributors and e-commerce in the U.S.


(All images are credited to Välinge.)