Välinge expands machinery park at Kunshan support centre in China

The new double-ended tenoner at Välinge’s Kunshan support centre

To meet the growing demand for high-quality flooring and furniture products, Välinge has invested in a double-ended tenoner at their machinery park at the Kunshan support centre in Jiangsu, China.

Välinge’s support centre in Kunshan includes both furniture and flooring technology and is created to offer support close to both licensees and partners in the region. At the centre they offer local technical support, the possibility to produce samples in desired materials and a chance to show their various machining concepts.

Investing in the double-ended tenoner means the site now has two tenoners, according to Välinge — one for furniture, and one for flooring. This allows a faster process of making floor samples to licensees, the machine can make testing of new materials at site more efficiently, and it will be easier to try new profiling designs before implementing in production.

This expansion also means a opportunity for licensees’ profiling staff to be trained by specialised double-ended tenoner machine operators, without the need of disturbing their own production process.

“We are experiencing a major increase in demand for our technologies, and we truly wish to be the best possible partner to all our licensees. Investing in the double-ended tenoner to our machinery park helps us to, even better, serve our partners with all the support they might need,” said Magnus Holgesson, region manager Asia at Välinge Innovation.

“And it is a great way for us to show potential licensees how profiling works under realistic conditions. We have a strong local team and with the fully equipped support centre we can provide both existing and new partners with everything they need.”