US EPA to finalise formaldehyde emission standards by this year

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) expects to issue the finalised national standards for formaldehyde emissions from wood products in spring of 2016.

The EPA started developing these regulations since 2010 but have yet to put them in place due to opposition from industry groups over testing requirements in the draft standard.

Recent tests in laminate flooring products sold by Ark Floors showed formaldehyde emissions to well above those allowed under California standards. The Chinese company that supplied the flooring products to Ark Floors had them pulled from stores in China in 2012 over formaldehyde emissions, according to China’s state news agency Xinhua. Previously Lumber Liquidators also came under pressure for alledgedly selling flooring with high formaldehyde emissions.

The scandal has created consumer concerns about the health impacts of wood flooring and implementing a national standard for formaldehyde emissions would improve the market for producers and retailers.


Source: ITTO/ Edited by Panels & Furniture Asia