US August wood imports round-up: Flooring and furniture down

Hardwoods flooring imports declined in August to US$4 Mn although year-to-date imports are still up 19 per cent from August last year.

Supplies from Malaysia more than doubled in August to US$315,630, while Indonesian shipments were down at US$548,484. Imports from China may have fallen by half from July, but still remains the second largest source of hardwood flooring products after Canada.

Assembled flooring panels remained unchanged month-over month at US$14 Mn. Imports from China and Indonesia increased in August. Elsewhere, sales declined.

Imports from Indonesia were worth US$1.3 Mn in August. Year-to-date assembled flooring imports from Indonesia grew 60 per cent compared to the same period last year.

Wooden furniture imports were down three per cent in August from July, US$1.57 Bn. The biggest dip is seen in products from Canada and Indonesia with the Southeast Asian nation witnessing a decline of almost a quarter to US$37.1 Mn. Of America’s major furniture exporters, only Mexico recorded a rise in exports in August.

Wooden office furniture imports grew 11 per cent in August; all other wooden furniture types fell.


Source: ITTO