UPM Forest Life offers a new, virtual forest experience

UPM’s new Forest Life site offers a new way for users to get to know forestry practices and the species inhabiting Finnish forests by taking its users on a virtual tour in the forest while explaining the ins and outs of sustainable forestry, forest biodiversity and forest management.

Sustainably managed forests are mankind’s future. They maintain biodiversity and bind carbon. Additionally, forests provide livelihood to hundreds of thousands of people. Wood from sustainably managed forests is used to replace products made from fossil raw materials.

UPM Forest Life showcases Finnish commercial forests and information about hundreds of species. Forest professionals are also invited to discuss the role of forests, climate change mitigation and the different stages of forest management from planting to harvesting.

“UPM Forest Life brings the forest to everyone. Finnish forestry is an excellent example of how to grow forests sustainably. The wood resources of our forests have grown tremendously over the last 50 years. At the same time, technology and the consideration of nature in all forestry measures have developed significantly. We want everyone with a computer or a mobile device to have the opportunity to experience the forests and see the responsible forestry in action,” says Sauli Brander, Director of UPM Forest.

UPM Forest Life is available in English at upmforestlife.com. The site works best with the following web browsers: Edge, Chrome and Safari.