UK turns to timber to solve housing crisis

UK’s Wood for Good has developed its new housing campaign 2016, aimed to showcase how timber can help solve the UK housing crisis.

The campaign will explain how timber can address the need to deliver new, quality housing through fast build times and off-site fabrication methods.

The initiative focuses on the significant environmental benefits related to using the material in construction – with wood acting as a carbon-storage mechanism and delivering low-energy buildings.

Wood for Good housing campaign will feature a series of conferences to take place all over the UK. These events will supplement the organisation’s 14 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events on timber construction in partnership with RIBA and Exova (formerly known as BM TRADA), which will look at how to specify timber systems and how they can best be used to meet the demands of modern housebuilding.

Craig White, chairman of Wood for Good, said, “This series of events is designed to inspire and inform current and future generations of architects, builders and householders. Timber construction is changing the face of modern building for the better. Wood for Good has been at the forefront of this agenda for many years, promoting timber’s versatility in meeting the most challenging design specifications as well as its environmental capabilities that could build a truly sustainable legacy.”