UK timber association pledges support in Brexit aftermath

In the aftermath of Brexit, UK’s Confederation of Forest Industries (Confor) has pledged to continue to provide strong leadership for the forestry and timber sector, the association said in a statement. This includes working with all levels of government to deliver the best possible outcome for the industry.

Confor will build on its pre-referendum discussion paper, released in April, which looked at the key areas where the forestry and timber sector could be affected by a decision to vote Leave. It will engage industry experts to report on all those key areas – including grants, regulation, plant health and standards for trading timber – before producing an updated report.

Confor members across the UK have been briefed on its plans and reassured that there will be answers during this period of uncertainty.

“There are many questions and Confor will do its utmost to answer them as best we can, alongside proactively promoting the sector’s interests at a time of significant change” said Mr Goodall. “Feedback is already coming in from members and Confor is listening. We will reflect the views of members in our discussions with the UK Government and all the devolved administrations.

“The potential for a second independence referendum in Scotland adds a further dimension to the debate and it is crucial that we continue our effective engagement with politicians across the UK. Above all else, the forestry and timber sector needs straightforward information and strong leadership – and Confor will provide that.”