UK sees substantial growth in structural frame frame use for housing

Structural timber frame for residential projects in the UK has grown significantly in the past year, exceeding growth projections made in 2014, according to the latest Timber Trends report published by the Structural Timber Association (STA).

The housing sector saw market share reaching 27.6% in 2015—the second-best performing year for structural timber frame since statistics were first recorded in 2002. The sector has the the potential to achieve a 32.4% market share by 2018.

Andrew Carpenter, chief executive of the Structural Timber Association said, “(The figures) show just how suitable structural timber frame is for the construction sector. It addresses these challenges—skills shortage, availability of materials and the need for high quality homes—fast.”

Construction of two cross-laminated timber buildings in London’s Trafalgar Place. Photo credit: dRMM Architect.

“As guidance becomes widely available for clients, the structural timber sector should ready itself for the continued growth predicted – an increase of 4.8% – and be sure to maintain the momentum created over the last five years throughout the ‘Brexit’ period,” he added.

UK housing starts increased by 8.1% in 2015, totalling more than 176,500. In England the growth is most visible, with housing starts increasing by 7.9% and the structural timber frame market share rising to 22.2%.