U.S. wood products imports sees ups and downs in Jan 2018


Tropical veneer and hardwood moulding imports grew in January 2018, while imports of flooring (both solid and engineered) declined from the previous month.

Tropical veneer imports from China were worth US$830,795, compared to just US$231,827 the same period in 2017. Given the relatively small size of U.S. imports of tropical veneer, it is too soon to tell if the increase in veneer imports from China is related to the tariffs on Chinese hardwood plywood.

Hardwood moulding imports were worth US$16.7 million in January. The strongest growth was in imports from Brazil, which accounted for 18 per cent of total moulding imports.

For hardwood flooring Brazil lost U.S. market share in January; Indonesia and Vietnam increased gained market share; China remains the dominant supplier of hardwood flooring.

Wood products

Wooden furniture imports grew one per cent in January to US$1.69 billion. Imports were six per cent higher than in January 2017.

Imports from China and Malaysia were slightly down in January, but most other countries increased exports to the U.S.

The highest growth rate was in imports from Indonesia and India – both month-on-month and compared to the same time last year. Italy also expanded its furniture shipments to the U.S.

Despite the overall growth in wooden furniture imports, imports of office and upholstered seating furniture declined in January. The strongest growth was in non-upholstered seating.


Source: ITTO