U.S.: Sawmills struggled to build log inventories for the winter season

According to the North American Wood Fibre Review, sawmills in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, North-western states in the United States (U.S.) struggled to build up their log inventories for the winter due to the unprecedented and unusually long fire season that took place in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada, this year.

Timber harvest operations in the four states were been hindered by the wildfires as nearly two million acres (809,300 hectares) of forest and rangeland burned, with disruptions to transportation and loggers diverted to fighting the fires, according to Wood Resource Quarterly. In Montana, some sawmills even closed their doors sporadically in the third quarter of 2017 due to wildfire proximity.

Although full operations for the timber harvest resumed after the rains in late September, many inventories and procurement managers still struggled to fill their spaces before winter conditions set in.


Source: Wood Resource Quarterly, North American Wood Fibre Review