Tropical species accounted for 30% of America’s total hardwood sawn imports in August

The US imported more temperate and tropical sawn hardwood in August at 72,278 cbm. However, the value of these imports declined. Tropical sawnwood imports accounted for 21,381 cbm or 30 per cent of total sawn hardwood imports in August.

Tropical imports increased 14 per cent from July, while the value of tropical sawnwood imported was almost unchanged at US$21.7 Mn. Year-to-date tropical imports were up five per cent compared to the same period last year.

The month-over-month increase was mainly in imports of balsa, keruing, jatoba and acajou d’Afrique. Balsa imports grew 24 per cent to 6,252 cbm in August. Keruing imports were 2,234 cbm, up 19 per cent from July.

Imports of ipe sawnwood were slightly down in August (2,412 cbm), but at US$5.1 Mn, ipe was still the leading species imported by value.

Malaysian exports to the US increased by one-third in August. The US imported 2,073 cbm of keruing worth US$1.7 Mn from Malaysia in August. Meranti and teak imports from Malaysia were also up in August.


Source: ITTO