“Trends are no longer rigid, absolutely anything is possible” – Claudia Kuchen

Text and images by Schattdecor 

Claudia Küchen, Schattdecor head of Design and Marketing, shares about Decor Selection 2016.


Q: What is Decor Selection 2016 exactly?

CK: It’s a selection of 12 decors with very high potential that represent the essence of our current trends and are valid for all markets. Customers can, of course, also add their own suggestions or discuss options with us.

Q: What is the research process at Schattdecor like?

CK: In order to discern trends, we carefully analyse the factors that motivate and drive consumers around the world. In addition, we regularly meet as an international design team in workshops in order to ensure that we haven’t overlooked anything. We then attempt to translate our observations and the results of our analyses into colours and finishes. During the initial test phase, we try out new ideas, combining elements and often discarding what we’ve come up with to try something else. This process results in a selection that allows us to make a clear statement and offer our customers a concrete range of decors and colors that can be used around the world. The decor selection is the result of a yearlong analysis of trends involving employees from Design, Decor Development, and Sales.

Q: What is the specific advantage for customers?

CK: We show customers what the current trends are. Then we work with them in a comprehensive consulting process. Of course, the basic statement has to be tailored to the customer’s individual needs.

Q: Now that you’ve presented Decor Selection 2016, what comes next?

CK: We’ll remain true to our principle of focusing on the essentials. The vast number of inspirations, technological developments, and the flood of information present many different opportunities and possibilities. We view our task as recognising new trends, analysing them, and ultimately being able to tell our customers very clearly what is important for them. We will continue to make this promise in the future as well.  In fact, this spring we will start analysing the trends that we will be presenting at interzum 2017. 

Q: Let’s talk about current trends.

CK: Generally speaking, it’s no longer necessary to adhere rigidly to trends nowadays. Customers can combine different styles to form their own decor ideas and absolutely everything is possible.

Customers consciously choose pieces of furniture and arrange them the way they want to. Warm wood tones create an inviting environment and there’s great interest in different decorating concepts from cultures around the world. In terms of colour – following a long white phase – black is the new white in decorating. Matte finishes give black a more pleasant appearance in residential spaces. Focusing on high-quality furnishings allows for a more natural, relaxed look. With respect to materials, marble in contrasting black and white is a big theme. Marble can also very easily be combined with different colours and other materials.

In general, the trend is moving away from the rustic and toward a somewhat more refined and tranquil style. A good example of this change is the Riviera Oak.

When I talk to customers about different types of wood, I’m often asked what’s next after the Oak trend. My answer is: Oak! Of course, other types of wood, such as walnut, elm, acacia, and pine, may be popular as well. But Oak will continue to have the greatest potential. 


“Our Decor Selection 2016 offers dependable trend statements in reflection of the responsibility that we feel towards our customers and partners.” 

– Claudia Küchen, head of Design and Marketing, Schattdecor