Timber Trade Federation in favour of remaining in the EU

Timber Trade Federation (TTF) members are in favour of remaining in the EU, believing that staying would be better for the UK economy as a whole.

According to the poll, 76% of the respondents think the UK should stay in the EU, while 16% are in favour of leaving.

Considering the impact on the UK economy as a whole, 80% of the respondents believe the UK will benefit from remaining in the European Union, while 11% indicate ‘Brexit’ as the best solution.

Respondents mainly expressed concern about the uncertain economic and political scenarios following a possible exit from the EU and how this would impact on business investment. In addition, several comments stressed how the replacement of European Standards and Regulations with UK equivalents would negatively impact trade.

However, respondents also highlighted the necessity of reforming the EU to ensure benefits and responsibilities are distributed more equally among member states.

“The TTF is not taking an official position on the referendum either way, but this survey gives an unequivocal view from the Members. It is perhaps unsurprising that uncertainty and lack of clarity from the Brexit camp about what leaving the EU would achieve does not impress a business sector for whom the EU is their biggest trading partner,” said David David Hopkins, managing director of the Timber Trade Federation.

“The good news is that this Friday represents the start of the official “purdah” period, where all Government Departments and civil servants will have to keep silent until after June 23rd. We can only hope this will give all of us time to think more clearly about the issues involved and vote for that which we consider important,” he added.

Question 1: Should the UK remain a member of the EU or leave it?

Question 2: What result would be in the best interest of the UK economy as a whole?

Source: TTF