Timber framers from all over the world visit WEINMANN

Timber frames from all over the world visit WEINMANN

The in-house exhibition at WEINMANN once again provided a wealth of information on the latest technologies and trends for timber construction. The event attracted 400 attendees made up of which included timber framers, suppliers and industry experts from all over Europe. WEINMANN Treff was an opportunity to directly share knowledge between timber framers and suppliers and also for WEINMANN to provide customers an insight into the future of the company and how it plans to further support their interests. With the new machine designs presented earlier this year, the company has taken further steps to deliver improvements to their products through innovation in design.

Students from the carpenters’ class of the Kerschensteinerschule from Reutlingen gathered information at the WEINMANN Treff

For some time now, pre-fabricated timber construction has seen a positive amount of growth worldwide and was reflected by the great interest and attendance level in the WEINMANN Treff. Numerous carpenters and prefabricated home builders from all over Europe came to St. Johann to WEINMANN to discover the latest trends and innovations. A delegation from the Hungarian prefabricated housing association also traveled to St. Johann. Even in training, interest in the technologies for timber construction is increasing. Around 20 students from the Lycée Couffignal in Strasbourg and the carpenters’ class of the Kerschensteinerschule from Reutlingen gathered information at the WEINMANN Treff. 
Around 100 participants took the opportunity to visit the factories of existing WEINMANN customers to observe their production and processes on site.

The factory tours offered the opportunity yo visit the existing WEINMANN customers to observe their production and processes on site. 

Up to date technology offers various possibilities

As a complete system provider for timber work, WEINMANN presented its entire product portfolio, with practical applications demonstrated live on the machines.
The BEAMTEQ B-660 carpentry machine is designed for complex beam processing at great speed with a high degree of accuracy. Not only does this increase production efficiency, but also offers space-saving installation thanks to the compact machine layout with integrated noise protection. The highlight of the BEAMTEQ B-660 is the integrated underfloor unit. All six sides of the component are processed fully automatically in one through feed at any angle and tilt. In combination with the 12-part tool changer and the second integrated main spindle, the underfloor unit enables the highest possible beam processing performance and consistent high quality. 
For the manufacturing of wall, gable, roof and ceiling elements as well as frame walls and roof dormers, the carpentry table BUILDTEQ A-530 was presented. The integrated technology guarantees a high level of dimensional and angular accuracy. The BUILDTEQ A-530 can be expanded with modules and offers a series of options that allow the carpentry table to be perfectly adapted to suit any requirements.
With the WALLTEQ M-120 multifunction bridge, WEINMANN offers additionally a machine that can process small quantities highly efficiently. Equipped with chucks for stapling and nailing devices and a routing unit, the machine can secure and process the sheathing automatically to produce elements with highly accurate dimensions. This includes creating openings for windows, doors and sockets, as well as free shapes such as circles, curves or diagonal cuts. With low procurement costs, the WALLTEQ M-120 offers an excellent price/performance ratio and is the perfect entry-level solution for small and medium-sized carpentry businesses.
The world market leader for machines and plants for timber framing showed its competence. In addition to the WALLTEQ M-120 the multifunction bridges WALLTEQ M-340 and WALLTEQ M-380 with integrated insulation plate were presented.
The WALLTEQ M-340 multifunction bridge can be expanded to meet individual needs, which makes it incredibly versatile. The integrated 12-part tool changer quickly finds the correct tool, keeping setup times to a minimum and increasing efficiency. Securing, sawing, routing and drilling are all fully automated. The WALLTEQ M-340 also offers a series of equipment options for specialized applications.
The WALLTEQ M-380 multifunction bridge with integrated insulation plate showed the efficient and fully automated insulating process. The presented machine will be delivered to a customer in Austria shortly.
Also on display at the WEINMANN Treff a robot was integrated in a frame work station FRAMETEQ F-700 and used to showcase fully automated production of frame works. Controlled via a wup data record the robot is used to insert the plates and beams when creating frame works. It accesses both standard beams and special beams as well as top and bottom plates with cross-sections from 40×100 mm to 160×250 mm. The robot can pick up components weighing up to 75 kg.

Timber work 4.0 — the path to the digital future

An integrated data flow and the corresponding information flow enable an efficient and flexible production process. Software is increasingly becoming the decisive factor for the benefits of machines. At the WEINMANN Treff, visitors could see a wide selection of new, digital productions that offer a clear advantage for everyday work on CNC-controlled machines. MMR Professional optimizes the production sequence and ensures systematic data recording. It records the number of work pieces produced, the operating time of the machine and much more. All CNC-controlled machines from WEINMANN are also tapio ready, which enables the use of cloud-based technologies such as DataSave, ServiceBoard and MachineBoard. 
Experts from the software department were available for questions and individual consultation.

Well-attended, interesting lectures

On Thursday and Friday specialists from timber framing delivered a variety of interesting lectures in the sector of prefabrication. On Thursday Maximilian Held of HOMAG GmbH presented developments in robot-technology and the opportunities for timber construction. Following up Xaver Haas of Haas Fertigbau GmbH reported about their investigation in the wall production line and described the change process and the improvement to productivity.
On Friday, Florian Fluck (Fluck Holzbau GmbH) presented the reorganization and extension of his company and discussed its changes since installing their first multifunction bridge with integrated insulation plate which has fully automated the complete timber framing process including the insulation. Afterwards Stefan Vock (Vock Holzbau) reported on automated beam processing and the process of data generating.
The accompanying exhibition involved almost 20 partner companies which presented information on the areas of CAD systems, fastening units, insulating technologies and tools. All lectures received a high volume of attendance levels and the feedback on the topics was overwhelmingly positive.