Timber church of eaves in Japan shows wood’s suitability for warmth and peace

Church of Eaves in Japan by tezuka architects


This chapel in Japan is called “the church of eaves”, because of the deep-set eaves that follow the perimeter of the building. Designed by tezuka architects, the structure is made of wood, giving the interior a warm, welcoming and peaceful space.

Natural light floods through the chapel from all four sides to create a constantly changing setting depending on the time of day. The chapel’s baptist pool is carved out of the floor to emulate the river Jordan. The exterior is made of simple rectangular volumes clad in wood.


A set of folding doors located at the back enables the room to transform into one big space and allows the chapel to be flexible and adaptable to different events. The space allows for many social activities for the community and as a continuation of this, a room has been constructed for people who are seeking shelter.

All images are credited to Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA/ tezuka architects