This wooden pavilion stands as a monument to 70 years of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Switzerland

The House of Switzerland Pavilion celebrates 70 years of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Mexico.

Architects Dellekamp Arquitectos began on the project without a defined programme and site. A modular system was designed based on a triangular grid so it could be adapted for different purposes.

This flexibility allows the structure to shift around multiple sites without damaging the environment. In the end, the pavilion rested in the Alameda Central within the framework of the International Festival Mextrópoli.



The use of wood is symbolic of how buildings are built in Switzerland. The pavilion made from modular laminated certified pine and metallic components, promoting the use of wood as a structural material in Mexico. These modules are derived from the triangular grid, thus ensuring an efficient assembly and dismantling of the structure at the site.

The pavilion is two-storey high, with a maximum height of 6m, with an extension of 18.3m front, by 11.5m depth.

It spans 171 m2 and has an open space for events.

Images: Sandra Pereznieto