The Weinig Group at LIGNA 2019: A Reliable Partner in Times of Change

The leading technology provider for solid wood and panel processing presents itself in Hanover with the brands Weinig and Holz-Her on an exhibition area of over 5,000 sqm. Under the motto THINK WEINIG, the Weinig Group will be presenting over 55 machines and systems in action to trade visitors in Hall 27. Following the excellent trade fair results from 2017, a further increase is expected at LIGNA 2019.

Weinig relies above all on its complete range for industry and trade. In the field of solid wood processing, the focus is on innovative technologies with a high customer benefit. The common thread running through the current portfolio is modular solutions with maximum efficiency for any batch size. The top trend towards digitization focuses on demand-oriented solutions that are consistently geared to the development status of the companies.  A central feature of Weinig’s trade fair appearance will be systems competence. Under the heading of integrated machine concepts, a complex system will be shown with interconnected components over almost the entire value chain. A wide range of single machines with intelligent operating concepts and interfaces to the standard Weinig 4.0 digital completes the Weinig presentation. In addition, software tools for each process step from profiling to packaging will be shown. From its comprehensive range of services, Weinig will be devoting much space to the Weinig LifeTime Services and the engineering unit Weinig Concept at LIGNA 2019.

The new top-of-the-range model of the Powermat series

The Powermat 3000 sets new standards in the high-performance sector in terms of operation, set-up and safety. High flexibility and WEINIG’s signature machining precision make this a winner.

The Powermat 3000 has been developed for industrial applications where high quality is key. In terms of machine performance and spindle technology, it is currently unmatched in its class. Depending on the application, the machine can be operated at speeds of up to 12,000 RPM. Thanks to the PowerLock tool holders with hybrid ball bearings for a long service life and jointers, it can achieve an excellent multi-blade finish up to a feed speed of 100 m/min. The straight and profile jointers follow the radial adjustment of the spindle, thus making manual repositioning unnecessary. Several patent-pending features highlight just how much potential for innovation there is with this new product. This includes the system for permanent monitoring of the temperature at the spindle bearings. If a defined threshold value is exceeded, the machine is automatically switched off. This means superior production safety. With the Comfort Set operating concept and other components such as PowerLock and CNC-controlled axes and guide elements, the Powermat 3000 has options that make handling significantly easier and provide a degree of flexibility that is unusual in this machine class. All of these features make the Powermat 3000 a machine for powerful performance combined with economical production in an industrial environment.


A new solution allows for contour milling during throughfeed

Be it conical, curved or 3D decor, the Powermat 2400 3D can tackle even the most demanding applications with ease. And it can do it with four-sided processing.

Innovative, creative applications are the bread and butter of the Powermat 2400 3D. In order to serve these applications, the moulder is equipped with the Alphacam software, which allows the design of three-dimensional workpieces and the creation of a CNC program. Two of the upper spindles are used for axial and radial 3D structuring. Controlled spindles from the right and left make it possible to produce workpieces with a wide variety of contours and small radii. High performance can be achieved through machining during throughfeed. Part recognition ensures optimum precision. Machining can be simulated in advance. On the contour milling spindles, the Powermat is equipped with the new WEINIG temperature monitoring system, which guarantees maximum production safety.

A new addition to the Hydromat series

The Hydromat 3000 comes with very resilient machine technology that is perfectly suited for use in multi-shift operation and for the production of products with a high linear production output.

The Hydromat 3000 is the robust powerhouse for pre-planing or profiling work using hydro technology. The outboard bearings and tools with HydroLock technology that WEINIG has now developed even further make operation very user friendly. With this system, the grease gun is replaced with an Allen key in everyday use, thus simplifying tool changes and reducing set-up time.

In addition, the Hydromat 3000 impresses with a robust machine stand and a strong feed system, both designed for feed speeds up to 100 m/min. The 100 m/min version features large feed rollers with a diameter of 170 mm. These transport the workpieces through the machine in a safe and reliable manner. Furthermore, the Hydromat 3000 is designed for integration into other systems and allows connection to peripheral devices such as a mechanization system, but also to Central System Control. 

New Hydromat 4300 for the high-performance sector

As the quickest in the series, the Hydromat 4300 makes it possible to achieve excellent results when planing and profiling up to a feed speed of 300 m/min.

This new WEINIG product is everything you need from a high-speed machine all rolled into one: a solid design, a strong feed system, and HydroLock technology with excellent performance potential. A distinguishing feature of this high-speed machine is the feed system with individual drives as well as the feed rollers and table rollers, which each have a diameter of 250 mm. Strong spindle drives and heavy pressure rollers also allow the production of top-quality products, both with four-sided planing and with profiling. The new WMC (WEINIG Machine Control) system allows the user to view all relevant production data on a central dashboard.


New Conturex Artis Window Center for small shops

WEINIG has expanded the Conturex CNC series with a compact center. Conturex Artis offers all the highlights of this successful technology plus a cutting-edge innovation.

The aim of the powerful new basic solution Conturex Artis is to maintain and improve the competitiveness of small shops in a rapidly changing environment. With a capacity starting from seven window units per shift, the machine is positioned below the previous entry-level machine, the globally very popular Conturex Compact. In terms of the technology, the Artis has all the features that have made the current CNC series so successful. In addition, the machine offers the user limitless options in terms of window systems. The Conturex Artis comes with a 4-axis main spindle, but it can also be equipped with an additional universal spindle upon request. In the standard configuration, the machine is designed for lengths from 175 to 3,500 mm, and it can process workpieces up to 4,500 mm if required. A tool magazine with a mandrel length of 290 mm and a 50-slot tool holder offers sufficient capacity for extremely flexible and economical order processing. One of the stand-out features of the Artis is the PowerGrip RePos easy clamping table. The patent-pending reclamping process enables variable part clamping and automatic movement of the workpieces in the machine. The workpieces remain clamped

throughout the manufacturing process, thus achieving maximum precision. For complex clamping situations, RePos easy also allows clamping in the fold. The process is particularly good for slim profiles and new architectural window systems. All in all, small shops benefit from maximum flexibility when using the RePos easy.

The new Conturex Vario S for flexible industrial CNC production

These days, the window and furniture production market is characterized by challenging custom solutions. But if high throughput is still required, Conturex Vario S is the answer.

One particularly special feature of this fully automated WEINIG powerhouse is the PowerGrip Motion 2D/3D folding clamp system. It provides significantly more flexibility, especially when producing narrow profile systems and round arches, as well as when doing partial milling for system construction. WEINIG CAM, WEINIG SIM and WEINIG Solid WF are the perfect software modules for programming, simulating and monitoring workpieces. The fact that the Conturex Vario S allows direct part transfer guarantees the highest workpiece quality. The new working width of up to 330 mm means that everything is covered, even for future products. Thanks to the 4-table process, output is significantly increased, especially for short parts. A 2 x 24-slot pick-up holder and an external magazine with 90 slots are available in the tool area. The machine’s enormous productivity is enhanced by the fact that even the smallest batch sizes can be processed with no set-up time. The new machine housing with improved visibility and accessibility, ensuring improved safety and ergonomic operation for your machine operators, is another feature.

The new business unit “Automation & Digital Business” will present the current version of the Weinig App Suite alongside the Weinig live demonstrations in Hanover. The app offers real-time monitoring, among other things. All functions are now also available as a browser application. Thanks to the modular design, the individual functions can be adapted even more to individual requirements – regardless of whether the system is being used by a traditional small shop or an industrial enterprise. Secure data communication takes place via the Weinig Cloud or the cloud-based Siemens IoT operating system MindSphere.

Dowel driving in and gluing with the new UniPin 2000 Holland

The UniPin is the ultimate in automatic window-sill gluing. With the new version, WEINIG is taking yet another step forward.

Thanks to uniform glue application, the automatic NC-controlled UniPin creates the foundation for strength and tightness of corner joints. The machine allows dowels to be glued and driven in under 3 seconds. The latest incarnation of the UniPin can be equipped with the Frencken PU glue application system. In this form, the machine is approved for use in the Netherlands. In addition, the new generation comes with the option of a second dowel head up to a diameter of max. 14 mm. The maximum workpiece width is now 320 mm. The new user interface is also one of the highlights of the new UniPin. 

New Central System Control technology for digitized systems

WEINIG systems competence is in high demand on the market. The WEINIG group’s all-round expertise opens up various opportunities for customers.

The group’s comprehensive portfolio of machines and systems of various performance classes offers maximum flexibility for almost any application. One of many examples of this is the complex production line consisting of eight interconnected components that was presented at LIGNA. The fully automated system comprises the complete processing line from the raw material to the end product. It includes various pre-cutting solutions with innovative optimization tools

as well as moulders and finger jointing technology. This system also uses robot technology and WEINIG scanner technology. All components are centrally controlled via the new WEINIG Control Suite. Under the control of the Central System Control, it produces semi-finished products that can be further processed directly in various applications, e.g. in window production with the Conturex.

The new band resaws ProfiSplit 1100 and VarioSplit 900

With these two models, WEINIG has the requirements of both industry and trade covered. You can choose between a very flexible version and a true powerhouse.

The new, powerful ProfiSplit 1100 for industrial applications has a 37 kW motor and is designed for cutting heights of up to 400 mm. Special feed rollers are used for the saw, and these enable the ProfiSplit 1100 to achieve feed speeds of up to 80 m/min. The option to adjust the feed unit via the ball screw spindle ensures maximum precision. The combination of center cut and angled cut functions opens up whole new areas of application. The applications that the ProfiSplit 1100 can be used for range from stand-alone machines to fully mechanized systems for unmanned production. The saw is available as a SINGLE or TWIN version. The VarioSplit 900 is primarily designed to meet the needs of small shops. With the new thin-cut setup, lamellae of <5 mm can be cut. If required, the saw can also reliably rip material with a cutting height of up to 370 mm. Thanks to the adjustable stop and the various pressure rollers, oblique cuts and diagonal cuts can be made without any problems.

Even more power for the quickest optimizing cross-cut saw

With the OptiCut 550 Quantum, WEINIG is raising the bar for fully-automated cross-cutting and optimization. The feed speed of the saw has been increased to up to 550 m/min.

For many years, the OptiCut Quantum cross-cut saws have been raising the bar for productivity thanks to their high cutting frequency. Precise positioning at full speed and re-acceleration can be done at up to 50 m/s². The VarioStroke saw stroke system makes it possible to achieve extremely short cutting times for all cross-sections within the maximum cutting range. This ensures increased machine performance and unprecedented cutting quality. Waste handling has been completely overhauled. Large and small waste parts are separated from OK parts reliably and quickly. The OptiStat tool makes it possible to evaluate production data and identify potential for optimization in the production process.

CombiScan Evo R 200 for ripping optimization

The profitability of the entire process is decided during the ripping process. The CombiScan Evo R 200 ensures maximum optimization.

The CombiScan Evo R 200 is WEINIG’s tried-and-trusted scanner for 2D ripping optimization during the ripping process. In 2D optimization, the later cross-cut products are already taken into account as part of the optimization, meaning that the value and yield of the overall process is significantly increased. Dual-scatter technology allows optimal defect detection with the highest level of quality and extremely short scanning times. Another great feature of the scanner is the automatic camera positioning. The improved user interface makes the CombiScan Evo R 200 easier to handle, plus it speeds up configuration and expands the options for collecting statistics and data. By adding more sensors, the scanner can be upgraded to meet growing needs at any time. 

The new CombiScan Sense for optimization in the high-end sector

Wood yield can be significantly increased through scanner technology. With the CombiScan Sense series, WEINIG has the highest performance requirements covered.

The CombiScan Sense is a scanner that provides 4-sided wood defect detection. Compared to the generation that it is replacing, the sensor technology has been optimized even further and the detection accuracy has been further improved. The space-saving low-power X-ray module and the laser and color cameras are new features. The scanner is equipped with a dot laser that detects the fiber orientation. In addition, it allows detection using dual-scatter technology, as well as 2-sided detection of oblique cracks. Roughness+ can be used to detect unplaned areas. Furthermore, a Random Width Module is available. Designed as a modular system, the CombiScan Sense can be upgraded to meet growing needs through the addition of sensors.

The new Turbo-S 1000 finger jointing line for the high-end segment

WEINIG finger jointing technology makes residual wood processing and wood optimization easy and profitable. The patented Turbo-S 1000 milling combination guarantees a particularly high performance yield.

Automatic charging is now used for feeding. This allows the Turbo-S 1000 to achieve an output of up to 91 m/min. Another new feature is glue application monitoring by GlueEye Vision. The automatic control system ensures a high quality end product through the perfect connection of the finger joints and helps to reduce operating costs. Thanks to automated chip removal or the use of a Trimsaver, the system achieves the highest possible wood yield. The technical highlights of this shaper combination also include the system’s ability to automatically change dimensions. Fully automated charging, a tool wear indicator, and a belt speed that is adapted to the wood together ensure high availability of the Turbo-S 1000. Newly developed and separately dividing saws increase performance and flexibility in terms of asset utilization. These dividing saws are located behind the press output and are usually located in front of the stacking systems.

The new PowerJoint with up to 18 cycles/min

Increased cycle performance, even more flexibility and upgraded technology are what make the new generation of WEINIG compact finger jointing lines stand out. Two new versions of the PowerJoint are now available.

The PowerJoint series has already proven its worth on the international stage. WEINIG is now upping the ante with the PowerJoint 12 KVH and PowerJoint 18 models. The top-of-the-line version can run at 18 cycles per minute. This means that more than 17,000 linear meters of solid construction timber can be produced per shift with vertical finger jointing. In conjunction with an extrusion press, the PowerJoint 18 can press several joints at the same time. The model for solid construction timber, the decentralized PowerJoint 12 for larger cross-sections, has also become faster and can now achieve up to twelve cycles per minute. The clamping pattern in the milling machine and press is still the same. The result is a product with absolutely no need for offsetting. The press of the improved system can apply a press force of 40 metric tons to the connection. Both new products feature the

ProLam 4.0 production computer for networked production. The finger jointing lines can be tailored to a wide range of customer requirements thanks to the wide range of installation options they offer.

Added value through Weinig services

The specialists at Weinig LifeTime Services provide customers with a professional network of technical expertise throughout the entire life cycle of the investment. Innovations such as VR technology will be presented in Hanover. Visitors to the stand will also learn everything about service contracts from Basic to No-Risk. The comprehensive range of services at LIGNA 2019 will be complemented by training, finance, pre-owned machines and spare parts supply.

Concentrated Weinig competence in the Concept business unit

The focus of WEINIG Concept at LIGNA 2019 is CLT competence. Current customer projects will be presented. Individual process steps will be integrated in the large-scale WEINIG system at the stand.