The WE NEW DO Beef Hot Pot Restaurant reinterprets the “urban ranch”

As the global population continues to move into cities around the world, isolation from nature is mounting – and that is what WE NEW DO Beef Hot Pot Restaurant is fighting. Leather rivet furniture and green plants bring back the primitively simple elements of ranch living, and highlight the natural atmosphere of the restaurant.

With bushes spotting the interior of the restaurant and ground cover landscaping, the restaurant, reminiscent of an “urban ranch”, exudes a pleasant and quiet atmosphere. Integrating red brick, wood, granite, as well as other materials, it hearkens back to the streetscape seen in the British Industrial Revolution’s heyday. Similarly, a broad variety of European-styled ornaments such as iron frames and old-fashioned phonographs redolent of the past are scattered around the outlet.

Architects: Middle Interior Design Shenzhen Ltd
Designers: Xu Simin, Lin Jia, Liang En, Cao Yuan
Location: Futian District, Shenzhen, China
Year of completion: 2016
Photo credit: Fan Wenyao