The Radiator bags 2016 Wood Design Awards

Photo Credit: Josh Partee

Photo Credit: Josh Partee

Leading the mid-rise mass timber building movement in the U.S., The Radiator in Portland bagged an award under the Multi-storey Wood Design category at the 2016 Wood Design Awards, organised by WoodWorks, an initiative of the Wood Products Council.

The extensive use of wood in the 5-storey building begins with the building’s structure: gravity loads are handled through a system of glulam beams and columns. Light frame dimension lumber walls provide the structure’s shear capacity.

A thick timber decking creates the structural floor diaphragm, and its lightness relative to other building materials translates into a more efficient and resilient overall structural system. Beams, columns, and the underside of the floor decking are left exposed, contributing to the interior’s contemporary industrial character. The 36,000-sf project was completed in 2015 for a construction cost of $8.5 million.

“WoodWorks Wood Design Awards celebrate projects and design teams that showcase the innovative use of wood as both a structural and finish material,” said Jennifer Cover, PE, executive director of WoodWorks/Wood Products Council.

Ranging from mass timber to traditional wood-frame, the other winning projects exemplify wood’s many attributes, from structural performance and design versatility, to sustainability and cost effectiveness. Some of the winning entries include museums, a library, a fire station, and a school. 

Front cover image: The 5-storey Radiator won the Multi-storey Wood Design / Credit: Caitlin Murray