The production tachometer: Keeping an eye on production with HOMAG’s software

With the analysis options provided by the Machine Monitoring & Reporting (MMR) software, production managers can ensure an efficient production standard.

Manufacturers who invests in modern machine technology today wants to unlock the full potential of their production environment. Manufacturers of furniture, components and prefabricated houses often face the same questions: Am I making full use of my production capacity? On what machines is there potential to be more efficient? What measures can be taken to do this?

At a time in which delivery deadlines, optimally defined processes and sustainable production are becoming increasingly important in companies, detailed machine data is also gaining in importance. With the right data as a basis, companies can analyse their production quickly and easily, make informed decisions and ensure an efficient production standard for the future.

To embed different machines in the production sequence in the optimum way, the performance and efficient operation of each individual machine is crucial. This is where HOMAG’s Machine Monitoring & Reporting (MMR) Office in the form of an app and software provides an essential overview. Parts, cycles, changeover gaps and much more — MMR Office gives wood processing businesses real data, thus allowing easy analysis of production and the opportunity to become better and more efficient. Moreover, MMR Office can also connect old machines and machines from third-party manufacturers.

The MMR Office software can count parts, stock movements, cuts, panels and much more. It knows the optimal cycle time for each part, such as for throughfeed machines, and it knows the necessary handling times in the machine process. It records automatic setup processes, saves error messages with text, and provides the data from the MMR database via an interface.

The free smartphone app delivered with every new machine gives production managers an overview of production at any time, even when they are on the move. If they want detailed analyses and to be able to analyse and process data further in the office, they can use MMR Office. It’s also possible to select different analysis periods and the number of machines to be connected, meaning every production manager can now find the right solution for their requirements.

MMR Mobile

With the smartphone app, you can have your machine pool in your pocket, which shows what the machines have achieved over specific periods. The app displays selected key figures in fixed analysis periods.

MMR Office Lite

It is quick and easy to install, with access to the database on the machine, and provides detailed analyses that date back up to 30 days prior. It also makes the analyses provided by MMR Office available in work preparation, and it can be connected up to three machines.

MMR Office

It copies the data from multiple machines to a separate database in the office. It also connects old machines or machines from other manufacturers. The data in the software can be made available for further analysis, and the detailed analyses can date back up to two years prior. HOMAG provides up to two expansion levels: up to five or up to 20 machines can be connected.