The new EDGETEQ S-370 edgebanding machine

HOMAG has announced the launch of its new EDGETEQ S-370, the next generation edgebanding machine designed for optimal woodworking performance.

“The launch of our new EDGETEQ S-370 series raises the bar for edgebanding machines, allowing users to maximise productivity and achieve state-of-the-art woodworking output — all with the promise of cost-efficiency and fast operational speed,” said Wolfgang Neeser, managing director of HOMAG Asia. “There has never been a more opportune time for HOMAG to introduce a world-class edgebanding technology that’s precisely tailored for customers in the Asian furniture market.”

The EDGETEQ S-370 series is designed with German innovation and made for Asian customers to meet their faster speed-to-market requirements. The technology is characterised by its equipment standard: a machine with an industrial chain for high processing quality and top pressure in steel for precise workpiece guidance, complemented by trimming tools with an I-system for optimum chip disposal and processing standards.

German quality, designed for Asia

Leveraging on HOMAG’s 20-year specialty in producing edgebanding machines in Asia, the EDGETEQ S-370 cuts at 35m/min for small batch production runs. The machine is designed with top pressure in steel and a driven compound V-belt, ensuring that the workpieces are aptly clamped for processing; an adjustable infeed fence for a more seamless workplace placement and alignment, even with heavy workpieces; and automatic height adjustment for a more precise workpiece thickness adjustment.

Pre-gluing processing

The EDGETEQ S-370 has a separating agent spraying unit and a jointing trimming unit, which prepares workpieces for gluing. The separating agent spraying unit simplifies the process of removing glue residues, preventing the adhesion of hotmelt glue at the top and bottom of the workpieces.

Optimised gluing technique

The EDGETEQ S-370 has heated glue rollers that ensure optimal gluing temperature. This technology maintains an accurate gradual increase in temperature and prevents the glue from blackening for a clean, smooth finish. Furthermore, according to HOMAG, the glue roller shoe does not touch the workpiece, avoiding glue from spilling over the edges and maintaining its durability for longer use — all while achieving better gluing quality. Likewise, the S-370 prevents workpiece damages with pneumatic glue roller clamping, and maintains the right glue application temperature for optimal results.

“HOMAG equips its edgebanding machines with gluing units that are ideal for a fast, positive-locking polyurethane reactive (PUR) glue bond,” said Lorenzo Marcaccioli, sales director for HOMAG Asia. “Our edge feed has a precision of roughly 2-3mm at the leading and trailing edge, therefore reducing wastes from edging materials.”

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