The many benefits of timber construction

According to Wright Forest Products, the domestic building and construction sector in Australia’s largest metropolises is continuing to grow exponentially, pushed forward by new apartment developments in city centres and development hubs rather than conventional detached houses.

But in reality, it also reflects a major global trend: High density housing is set to increase as the global population continues to move into the cities.

Yet another major global trend observed in the current housing boom is the advent of timber mid- and high-rise buildings. Capable of taking advantage of timber’s inherent dexterity as a construction material, it comes with strong environmental benefits as well. Thus, due to its ability to sequester carbon, durability, and engineering properties, along with natural aesthetics, timber is quickly gaining ground as the building material of the present century.

Additionally, timber is lighter material compared to steel and concrete, and can be handled much easier when onsite, and is an advantage especially in dense areas where conditions of the spaces involved are regularly limited, according to Wright Forest Products. On top of that, working with timber means less dust and noise, and a timber building can be up in a matter of weeks as compared to months.

Architects, builders, designers, developers, and engineers have welcomed both traditional timber framing and sophisticated engineered timber like cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glue-laminated timber (glulam), and these building materials will continue to make huge contributions to the building and construction sector in the years to come.

Unfortunately, not all countries manufacture their own building materials made of timber, and import them instead. But even then, this does give rise to another benefit for them: Imports of timber will continue to push the availability of sophisticated engineered wood that will, in turn, serve to strengthen the residential housing market and lend momentum to the global trend of constructing mid- and high-rise buildings out of timber.


Source: Architecture & Design, Wright Forest Products