The inaugural Global Wood Flooring Conference

The first Global Wood Flooring Conference will be held from November 23 to 24 at Zhejiang, China.

With economic slowdown, weak demand in the international market and volatility in the financial markets, global trade has become sluggish.

Despite so, the Chinese economy is becoming increasingly stable even though faced with complicated domestic and foreign situations along with immense pressure from the economic downturn, according to the 2016 Global Wood Flooring Conference.

With the release of national policies such as “One Belt, One Road” and “Reform of the supply front”, wood flooring will definitely see a surge in demand. Moreover, long-term stable growth in the residential furniture sector has sparked a potential future for the industry too.

However, with China’s 13th Five-Year Plan to completely ban commercial logging by 2017, this was predicted to result in a reduction of 47 million cubic metres in the output of commercial timber, hence, leading to a large gap in the supply which will impact the development of the flooring industry.

Additionally, the prevalence of the protectionism in international trade along with increasing trade friction, will further hamper the sector.

To address these issues, the launch of the Global Wood Flooring Conference by China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association is to establish an international platform of communication and to seek a development path for the wood flooring industry. The Conference also aims to accelerate international trade for the wood flooring industry, push industrial transformation and to make a contribution to the global wood flooring industry.


Source: Global Wood Flooring Conference