The Bullitt Center: US softwoods adds life to interior

The award-winning Bullitt Center in Seattle features warm softwood interiors made up of glulam Doug Fir columns and beams. The six-storey office building is commonly regarded as ‘the greenest office building in the world’. It has a waterless composting toilet system, rainwater harvesting system, and rooftop solar panels that yield an annual net zero energy use.

Mixing materials for the most effective structure and exposing the lumber frame not only saves on materials and time, but also shows the texture and richness that wood visually provides within the space, said Brian Court of Seattle-based Miller Hull. The natural finish is an expressive element of the building’s design, and resonates with tenants: surveys from employees working in the Bullitt Center report that the number one most-loved aspect of the building is the exposed wood, a critical component that brings life to the workplace during the Pacific Northwest’s long, grey winters.

“There is a movement where spaces are more flexible, fluid, less prescribed–timber is an element of that,” explained Court, at one of the many seminars he gave in Guadalajara and Beijing on Green Building during August and October last year. “It resonates with people on a primal, emotional level.”


The texture and visual richness of softwoods are one of the best-loved features of the Bullitt Center

Exposed lumber gives life to the interiors of the Bullitt Center


The Bullitt Center in Seattle, considered to be the world’s greenest office building


Images: Bullitt Center

Source: US SEC/ Edited by Panels & Furniture Asia