The Biesse digital factory at LIGNA 2019: a winning alliance between man and robot

At LIGNA, Biesse is presenting the future of Industry 4.0: 6000 square metres where automation and interconnection become an even more effective spur and bring to life the Automation concept – Biesse’s constant innovative spirit.

LIGNA, a biennial event, will be held at Hanover from 27 to 31 May 2019. It’s the leading trade fair when it comes to machines, facilities and tools for the processing of wood and is, for Biesse, the ultimate place for sharing the opportunities provided by robotisation and the advantages offered by new technology.

Biesse to collaborate with three top design brands to demonstrate production 

Three completely automated process solutions, from raw materials to the finished product, will highlight the results of an evolved production system that’s attentive and efficient, personalised and flexible. For this reason, Biesse has set up the Testimonial in Automation project to establish close collaboration with three top design names who work at international level and share the same values and production principles.

One fully automated solution will be able to produce up to 1,500 panels per shift. Thanks to its collaboration with CUBO DESIGN, Biesse can demonstrate how to produce a complete kitchen with flexible, top-performing systems, displaying its production line directly on the stand.

The second automated solution is the result of collaboration with LAGO, an Italian design brand that makes furniture for every area in the home. Up to 1,000 panels can be produced during every shift with this product for the living/sleeping area – a solution that brings together the latest ideas in flexibility with regards to sectioning and robot-assisted machines. The third solution will produce up to 600 panels per shift, and is especially recommended for manufacturers of bathroom furniture and shop fittings. Emerging from the collaboration with BMT BAGNI, it highlights the advantages of a company that fully exploits all the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution, including machines with additional automatic systems, robots and software for integrated production management.

The personnel on the stand will demonstrate a total of 49 solutions aimed at all the manufacturing companies, from large-scale with notable production volumes to businesses looking for flexibility and personalisation and small firms that can be transformed into real “smart factories”.

The Biesse digital factory at LIGNA 2019: a winning alliance between man and robot

Biesse will also be presenting its ROS (Robotically Operated System) integrated robots for handling panels, ensuring efficiency and versatility without the need for the operator’s intervention. The ROS robots will provide support for the sectioning, boring, smoothing and CNC machines.

In the search for optimum finish quality, lower consumption and easy use, Biesse is presenting Ray Force System – the revolutionary new method for applying edgebanding strips to shaped panels thanks to an exclusive technique based on the melting of a reactive layer with the use of infrared lamps.

Another solution on display will be the Rover machining centre, always at the top in terms of reliability but now enhanced even further thanks to the new FPS tables that improve speed and productivity. Edgebanding discovers new levels of compactness with the Akron 1100, a new automatic single-sided edgebanding machine for artisans and small businesses.

Début of the Uniteam RC, a new entry-level machining centre for beams and partitions 

In Hall 11 visitors will also be able to get a close-up view of technologies dedicated to the construction world: alongside the Uniteam E-MIX, a machining centre specifically designed for CLT machining, LIGNA will also see the début of the Uniteam RC, a new entry-level machining centre for beams and partitions for creating prefabricated panels and frame structures. Ideal for small- and medium-sized firms that want to respond to the most complex demands of modern design.

The stand will rotate around the Digital Hub – a link between the software packages – where visitors can examine the true heart of the applications installed on Biesse technologies: from SOPHIA to B_CABINET, from B_PROCESS and B_AVANT to B_SUITE and OPTIPLANNING, the hub of the digital connections of the platforms will be on show in the dedicated area, with specialised technical personnel on hand.

One unmissable feature is SOPHIA, the IoT service platform, whose new functions focus on predictability with the aim of improving the personalised interaction with the customer on the basis of the machine, and reducing assistance times even further.

2019 marks Biesse’s 50th anniversary, and LIGNA is the most important step of the Future On Tour – the programme of events to celebrate with our customers around the world.

With an exceptional performance scheduled to take place in the first three days of the fair, starting at 6.30 pm, Biesse will be dedicating its anniversary to man’s creativity and the technical abilities of the machine: a relationship that puts technological power at the service of the human being, exalting its spirit by means of understanding.

Biesse at Ligna 2019: HALL 11. The future is already here.