The 7th International Hardwood Conference is coming soon

The 7th International Hardwood Conference is slated to take place soon in Venice, Italy, setting the stage for an edition that will not disappoint.

The International Hardwood Conference, which issues from the partnership between the European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) and the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS), is the only international event that provides an exclusive global vision of hardwood timber trade and production.

A large number of delegates hailing from more than 20 nations are expected to participate as representatives of companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), media, and leading international associations, including the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC). Thus, the conference will also provide delegates with a unique networking opportunity.

Several highly-qualified speakers will provide in-depth analysis of the main themes regarding hardwood, and the conference will comprise of two sessions: The first will focus on the sector’s figures and market trends, while the second will provide suggestions and insights to entrepreneurs who are faced with the recurring themes of innovation, legality, sustainability, and technology.

“I am particularly proud to host the International Hardwood Conference, which will provide a great opportunity for discussion between stakeholders to define suitable strategies that will be successful in world markets,” Alessandro Calcaterra, Chairman of Fedecomlegno, said. “Venice was chosen because the city is situated in the wood furnishing system of Triveneto, which is one of the most important districts for the sector in Italy, recording a turnover of over €10 billion euro (US$11.66 billion), almost 12,000 companies, and about 78,400 employees. I am sure that a large number of companies will make the most of this occasion to acquire the latest know-how, especially by intervening in the many debates and meetings that will animate the three days in Venice.”