Teknos awarded EcoVadis gold medal for sustainability performance

Teknos has been granted the EcoVadis gold medal for its sustainability performance in 2021, making the company within the top 5% of 90,000 companies that are rated by EcoVadis across the globe.

EcoVadis is a provider of business sustainability ratings. Companies are assessed on four categories: environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Teknos performed best in the environmental part with a score of 80/100 and reached a good level also in labour and human rights and sustainable procurement.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Teknos’s strategy, and the company aims to be the most sustainable coatings solutions provider in the industry. In the past few years Teknos has invested heavily in developing its sustainability practices. The EcoVadis gold medal is confirmation of this commitment.

Paula Salastie, CEO and owner of Teknos group, said: “We are pleased that our persistent work in developing our operations and products to be more sustainable has been recognised with the EcoVadis gold medal. To be included in the top 5% of all companies is a great milestone for us and proves our strong commitment towards sustainability for our external and internal stakeholders.

“Being able to improve from bronze to gold level within just a few years is a significant step forward and shows us that our direction is right. At the same time, this recognition will also inspire us to aim even higher.”

“For us being sustainable is more than emissions. It is also about creating a great place to work and long-term relationships with all our stakeholders. This is measured by pride of being part of the Teknos family.”

Teknos reports that in its sustainability programme, it will continue to focus on mitigating climate impact, ensuring safety and well-being of its personnel and other stakeholders and finding sustainable solutions to tackle raw material scarcity not only in procurement, but also with lifecycle thinking.

Participation in EcoVadis also allows for transparency to the whole value chain as it enables Teknos customers to monitor Teknos’s sustainability performance and manage sustainability risks.