Tece Dekor: Veneer edgebanding in three layers

Veneer is natural and its production requires attention at each step. To produce three layers of veneer edgebanding, continuous veneer rolls are laminated together with PVA glue. The layers of veneer are put together with a special lamination machine with high pressure. The colour of the layers matches from the side; A+ quality is used for the top layer. The PVA glue makes the veneer roll flexible and ensures good bonding. With the three layers laminated, the thickness is about 1.5mm.

Advantages of thick veneer edgebanding

Compared to 0.6mm mono layer veneer, this product adds more natural feel to the furniture. Wood furniture producers want to use as much natural resources as possible, but this is environmentally unsustainable for massive production. Thick veneer edgebanding is the best and the easiest option to reach that goal. Thick veneer edgebanding comes in rolls of 50 or 100 metres depending on the customer’s requirement. The width can be 20 – 100mm. Species available: beech, oak, maple, cherry, wenge.