Tangent announces patent for wood-grain polymer lumber

Woodgrain polymer lumber

Tangent, a leading supplier of durable recycled plastic lumber products, announced today the receipt of United States (US) Patent No. 10,981,350 for its wood-grain polymer lumber, which Tangent brought to the market in 2016. This utility patent covers internal woodgraining for polymer lumber and sheet products sold in the US.

This new patent brings Tangent’s total up to five, including others for the wood-grained appearance of its polymer lumber.

“A driving force at Tangent is innovation,” said Guy De Feo, Chief Executive Officer of Tangent Technologies. “We’ve engineered materials that use recycled plastics, are durable and low maintenance, and look great. As the leading manufacturer of fabrication materials, we are excited to have been awarded this utility patent for our innovative material”.

Tangent’s woodgrain dimensional lumber offers manufacturers a more sustainable material and increased design opportunities. The plastic lumber looks like traditional lumber, is available in seven woodgrain colours and industry-leading finishes, and is primarily sourced from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled high-density polyethylene.

Woodgrain dimensional lumber is used in outdoor residential and commercial applications, from outdoor furniture and fixtures to playgrounds and park benches. Manufacturers get the look and style of wood but in a durable, easy-to-clean, colour-stable and environmentally friendly material.

The lumber is manufactured in the US and backed by a limited 50-year warranty.