Talented photographer completes MTCC Photography Contest 2018 judging panel

The MTCC Photography Contest 2018 has finalised its judging panel with Malaysian photographer, writer and educator, Azul Adnan, filling up a spot as guest judge. Azul’s passion and talent for photography has landed his captivating photos on the websites of National Geographic and the BBC, as well as in magazines such as Digital Camera and Lonely Planet.

Besides Azul, the contest judging panel will consist of MTCC CEO, Yong Teng Koon and PCP Publications General Manager and Editor-in-chief, Jessica Chan.

“Photography is a beautiful form of art that captures sights and moments in its most authentic manner. It preserves the object at its best in small frame and allows you to view and appreciate them at leisure, anytime,” Yong said. “Hence, MTCC is organising the MTCC Photography Contest once again after a successful inaugural run last year. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words and can encapsulate many wonderful stories. Through the Photography Contest, we hope to instill a greater appreciation for Malaysia’s forest heritage. In this regard, we are most happy to have Azul as our guest judge to help in selecting the best photos and videos as he is a master in his own right having produced many wonderful images.”

Azul is a regular speaker at Malaysia’s largest photography exhibition, the annual Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival.

“Every image captured tells a unique story. My love for photography is simply an expression of my love for people and the environment. That is why I always try to engage with the scene or view in front of me in a unique way through photography,” Azul said, sharing about his passion for photography. “Similarly, the MTCC Photography Contest looks for photographs that can engage with the subject of the photo, be it forest landscapes, animals, or people contributing to the forestry industry. I believe a good photo has the ability to stir in others a sense of care or fascination for the subject at hand, and love for Malaysia’s irreplaceable forests.”

This year’s contest consists of three themes for its camera category and one video category:

Category 1 Forests and People seeks images of people involved in the field of forestry responsible for the well-being of Malaysia’s forest resources such as foresters, forest rangers, forest researchers, auditors and indigenous peoples.

Category 2 Forests and Forest Landscapes. This category welcomes any shots showcasing the natural beauty, diversity and uniqueness of forests by capturing the geological, climatological features and natural environment of Malaysian forests.

Category 3 Forests and Fauna seeks amazing images of animals in the wild including mammals, birds, amphibians or reptiles.

Category 4 Video category – Wonders and Sounds of Nature, which requires participants to record the wonders of Malaysian forests in a 30 seconds to three minutes short video clip. Participants may use a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, drones, GoPros, or a combination of these mobile devices

“Last year, we received many stunning images which showcased our local forests in many different ways. This time round, we hope to see more submissions that truly tell the story of nature through fresh eyes. We would also like to engage the skilful videographers out there who can use visual arts to capture the wonderful sights and sounds of Malaysian forests in captivating short videos,” Yong added.

Creative photo submissions that meet contest criteria will be in the running to win a grand prize of RM2,000 (US$484), a first prize of RM1,000 (US$242) per category, two merit prizes of RM500 (US$121) per category and five consolation prizes of RM200 (US$48) per category. Meanwhile, the best three mobile phone video clips will receive a cash prize of RM500 (US$121) each. In addition, all winners will also receive a photobook courtesy of PCP Publications. Participation is open to Malaysians who have a fervent passion for forests and photography. Participants may submit up to 10 images for each category and are required to upload their entries to a cloud storage system and email the link to MTCC.

The MTCC Photography Contest 2018 prize giving ceremony will be held at KLPF 2018 this October, while winning photos will be exhibited for the viewing pleasure of professional photographers, photography enthusiasts, and the general public.


All images are credited to MTCC