Swiss Krono launches new soundproofing wall and ceiling wooden modules

Image: Swiss Krono/Shutterstock

Swiss Krono, a manufacturer of wood-based materials, has expanded its acoustically insulting wall and ceiling modules with the Magnumboard OSB.

According to Swiss Krono, Magnumboard OSB is a solid timber product which can be used to create prefabricated construction modules characterised by good ecological footprints and optimal thermal insulation values.

Walls, ceilings and roof elements with high dimensional stability can be fashioned in sizes all the way up to 18m by 2.8m. They can then be used to make airtight building constructions with minimal joints.

Acoustic insulation plays an important role in blocks of flats. Varying noise levels can occur there both within and between individual units, for example as a result of playing children, practicing of musical instruments or barking dogs. This makes it all the more important to install good-quality insulation.

This timber construction system scores points not only with calculable fire protection, but also with good acoustic insulation, and also applies to “naked” boards without additional finishing. To ensure that they also effectively prevent sound transmission between adjacent terraced houses, Swiss Krono also requested ift Rosenheim to test corresponding party wall constructions.

As such, the Magnumboard OSB achieves ideal acoustic insulation levels with, among other things, its high bulk density of 640kg/m³. The wall and ceiling modules are designed to ensure optimal noise attenuation.

For example, an appropriately designed module with 175mm-thick Magnumboard OSB has an airborne sound reduction coefficient of 73dB and a transmitted impact sound coefficient of 43dB.

With the Swiss Krono Planning tool, users can also identify components that comply with the building regulations of the German state in which the user is building.

The requirements can be filtered in various ways depending on the fire and sound protection requirements in each case, allowing planners and architects to find the ideal solutions for their projects.