Swedish Timber Prize winner to be announced on March 9, 2016

The winner of the 12th Swedish Timber Prize will be announced on March 9, 2016. Organised by Swedish Wood, the architecture award -entitled “Träpriset”- is given to any structure as long as wood forms a significant part of the design.

“The quality of the materials and construction techniques has moved on quite considerably, as has interest among architects and private individuals. Changes are quite slow to occur in the construction industry, but looking back we can see that a great deal has happened since the award was first established in 1967,” said Per Bergkvist of Swedish Wood, who has been responsible for Swedish Timber Prize since 1992.

139 entries were considered for the Prize. All projects must be completed, no more than four years old and available for the jury to visit. They were judged for good architecture and how the building related to its surroundings and context. Materials, especially the use of wood, and functionality were also part of the judging criteria. 

The 12th award winner will receive a medal and cash prize of SEK 100,000. All nominated entries will also be presented in the book “Architecture in wood – The 2016 Swedish Timber Prize” and in a touring exhibition.

Previous winners include a housing development Östra Kvarnskogen in Sollentuna, and the Tomtebo forest sauna outside Gävle.

Image: Naturum Tåkern, visitor centre, Glänås, Väderstad/ PHOTO CREDIT: Swedish Wood/Åke E: son Lindman 


Source: News Release/ Swedish Wood