Sweden’s softwood export up 2% from Jan to May

Swedish softwood exports of sawn and planed lumber rose to 5.7 million m³ between January and May, 2% more compared to the same period last year, according to Statistics Sweden.

The Nordic country’s largest single market, the UK, also retained its top position with export volume reaching 1.148 million m³. Planed exports were also similar at 706,900 m³. But statistics show an increase for May this year as compared to May 2015, with sawn and planed exports up 14% and planed exports rising by 10%.

Germany, the second largest European market bought 445,200 m³ of lumber, a 4% increase. Denmark ranks third at 403,100 m³, a 13% rise.

African markets were subdued, with all the larger importing nations in the region experiencing a reverse in Swedish softwood imports.

China and Japan recorded the greatest growth. Swedish sawn and planed softwood exports to China were up 31% to 328,700 m³, while in Japan the growth was 19% to 311,600 m³.


Source: Timber Trades Journal