Sweden’s forest felling cost in 2015

The costs for regeneration felling is increasing in Sweden, with regional differences. In northern Sweden, the cost of regeneration felling (SEK m3/f ub) solid volume excluding bark decreased by 2%, while the costs increased by 4% in southern Sweden compared to the year before. Although thinning costs showed the same tendency to decrease by (-6%), costs in northern and increased by 3% in southern Sweden. For the entire country the total harvesting costs for all cutting increased by 3%.

However, costs for regeneration measures fell overall for northern Sweden by 4% and by 1% in southern Sweden in 2015 compared to the year before. For the entire country, costs declined by 3%. Costs for pre-commercial thinning (SEK per hectare) increased by 2% in the north, but declined 4% in southern Sweden.

Source: Swedish Forest Agency