Sveza Group plans Tyumen acquisition

SVEZA Group has announced plans to acquire the Tyumen Plywood Plant Group.

The deal is pending approval from the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia (FAS).

Tyumen produces about 90,000 m³ of plywood per year. Production may increase to 120,000 m³ in the coming years. The plant specialises in large-sized birch plywood and sells it to the construction, engineering, aviation, shipbuilding and building materials sector.

“The Tyumen Plywood Plant is the most advanced factory, complete with equipment from leading international manufacturers,” said Anatoly Frishman, the general director of SVEZA Group.

He said that the personal efforts of Almira Karimova, Tyumen’s founder, and the experienced staff have helped the plant establish excellent working conditions for employees and set up the necessary infrastructure.

If the deal is closed, SVEZA Group says it will integrate the new company into its holding, while preserving staff, and strengthening cooperation with the company’s customers and supplier.