Sveza developed flexible plywood

Sveza has launched for production an innovative product, Sveza Flex flexible plywood for building structures with complex geometries. The product is a unique solution which is now undergoing the patenting process, and which belongs to Sveza.

The new product is ideal for building pillars, tunnels, water treatment facilities, cultural and sports objects, and everywhere where concrete structures with nonstandard geometry are required.

At present, the flexibility issue is solved right at construction sites: they soak plywood in water, make cuts or rounded shape by arranging thin stripes and then joining them butt-to-butt and sticking together. This is a labour- and time consuming process, and special fastening systems and special equipment are required. Apart from that, there are substitutes (soft plywood, cardboard formwork, metal formwork) used for the creation of complex-geometry structures. However, they have their application limits as well. Thus, cardboard formwork tends to lose shape and it is suitable for building only small-size objects with the radii less than 1.2 m. Metal formwork is difficult to transport and deliver to site, it cannot change its radius even within the minimum range. 

The new Sveza plywood family can be easily transported since it is shipped as sheets on pallets. We should focus special attention on the weight of the formwork kit: the weight of new Sveza product is 328 kg, while the weight of the metal one is 1130 kg. Sveza Flex makes it possible to shape and size it according to customer’s needs. It can be easily stored after the use: after being dismantled it regains the initial shape.

SVEZA Flex has various versions which enable its use in multiple construction and finishing industries. SVEZA Flex Coated with smooth laminated coating can by used at the construction of big-size objects. Plywood with Paint coating can have required shades and thus it can be used for interior solutions with elaborate geometry. SVEZA Flex Uncoated can be adjusted to any radii without extra treatment and increased machine pressure; it suits well to creating small-size objects such as pillars, outdoor structures, landscape elements. 

“Company specialists have carried out patent search and discovered that the market has no savvy plywood solutions similar to our product. Here SVEZA Flex can replace utterly any existing type of curved formwork. At least two months have already passed after our product was released, and we can mark the growing buyers’ interest to out flexible product. The Company has already reached agreements on the product supply to some clients and official distributors,” said Eugenia Khoseiny, SVEZA product manager.

(All images are credited to SVEZA)