Strengthening of US dollar benefits Malaysian furniture exporters

In the past few months, revenues and profit growth were seen by Malaysian furniture exporters despite the labour shortage due to restrictions on the hiring of foreign workers. The strengthening US dollars also A factor leading to the growth was the strengthening of US dollars which has given a boost to exporters.

The past 11 months to November 2016, Sarawak had produced 6,795,434 cubic metres of logs, of which 25 percent were from swap forests with the remaining form hill forests. However, in 2015, about 7,575,387 cubic metres of logs were produced.

Production of hill logs in between January and November last year was the highest in Sibu (2,848,780 cubic metres) with Bintulu producing 1,828,637 cubic metres and Miri 1,791,705 cubic metres. For hill species, Meranti was gain predominant (2,309,561 cubic metres), while Kapur was second (221,742 cubic metres) followed by Keruing (170,810 cubic metres).

Source: ITTO