Stora Enso celebrates opening of wooden architectural building Wisdome Stockholm

The Wisdome Stockholm (Image: Stora Enso)

The Wisdome Stockholm, a new scientific experiential arena encompassing a wooden architectural design creating an arched-shaped room of 1,325m2, has been opened to the public since 9 Dec.

Situated in the courtyard of Sweden’s National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm, the Wisdome Stockholm building consists of sustainable wooden construction materials supplied and delivered by Stora Enso as the main partner.

“Wisdome Stockholm is truly a landmark building that stretches the boundaries of wooden architecture. Wood as a building material is an important part of the solution to battle climate change, enabling storage of CO2 and a sustainable construction process. Today’s inauguration showcases the unique design and sustainability benefits of building with renewable materials,” said Lars Völkel, executive vice-president, Stora Enso’s Wood Products division.

The wood used for both the laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and cross-laminated timber (CLT) building elements for Wisdome Stockholm came from sustainably managed, certified forests in Sweden and Finland and stores in total 1,178 tonnes of CO2.

The construction incorporates both curved and twisted beams, found in only a few locations worldwide. Situated at the heart of the exhibition hall is a substantial wooden dome equipped with state-of-the-art visualisation technology.

“Being a part of this project from the early stages, we were able to find an innovative way to use standard industrial products, such as CLT and LVL elements from our Sylva by Stora Enso range, to achieve the asymmetrical structure of the building without sacrificing the fantastic design,” said Jessika Szyber, business development manager at Stora Enso.