Steel Wood debuts new product

Dubai-based manufacturer of environmentally-friendly and sustainable wood products, Steel Wood Industries, has announced the launch of a new revolutionary product – Steel Wood Density Board (SDB) – capable of changing the wooden furniture industry as well as associated industries in the region, according to a report by the Trade Arabia News Service.

A highly-engineered 100 per cent recycled wooden board with uniformed premium quality features achieved by a consistent density gradient and revolutionary internal bonds that result in a balanced panel with an edge screw holding capacity and low emissions aligned with low volatile organic contents (VOC).

Available in a range of thicknesses, and because of its smooth surface, SDBs are suited for a variety of coatings, from veneering, varnishing, and laminating.

“Evolving from the heart of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Steel Wood Industries is determined to be regional partners with property developers for a variety of sustainable green products including the innovative SDB,” Ghassan Farouk Afiouni, managing partner and innovative director of Steel Wood Industries, said. “We have set up the industry for a sustainable future for all that will help reduce carbon footprints. The recycled wooden products help us to reduce a net of over 65,000 metric tonnes of negative carbon footprints per year – which is equivalent to 101,560 airline flights round trip or 140 aircraft operation at double round trips on medium flight range on normal schedule per year.”


Source: Trade Arabia News Service