South Korea taps on Canadian engineering expertise to promote tall wood

In February, the Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI) held a ‘Seminar with Experts on Canadian Tall Wood-Mass Timber’ to promote tall wood-mass timber in Korea.

The Forest Genetic Resources Department (FGRD) at the Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI). At four-storeys high, it currently holds the record for the country’s largest wooden frame construction. 

KFRI officials and wood frame construction experts discussed advanced technologies to improve domestic technological strengths and to encourage mutual cooperation among experts.

The first lecture was given by Colin Chornohus of Structurlam Products, who introduced advanced manufacturing technologies for CLT and raised understanding on CLT with a video showing the construction of an 18-story tall wood-mass timber using CLT in six weeks.


Floating Staircase at UBC’s Earth Sciences Building

The second lecture was given by Robert Malczyk, principal of Equilibrium Consulting Inc. of Canada, who explained how wood-mass timber is constructed and the efficiency of wood-mass timber, receiving great responses from the audience.

Lastly, Prof. Ki Cheol Bae of University of Ulsan explained the progress of the CLT Dormitory (provisional title), which is a five-storey wood-mass timber planned by KFRI.

The five-storey wood-mass timber will be the first of its kind in Korea and will be constructed in Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do. Currently, the design drawing is completed with the cooperation of the Yeongju government and upon receiving legal advice. 

Source: Canada Wood

Catch the interview with Colin Chornohus, StructurLam, in the upcoming issue of Wood in Architecture (Issue 1).