Sonae Arauco decorative wood particleboard product wins Green Product Award 2022

Sonae Arauco, a producer of wood-based panels and solutions, has announced that its Innovus MFC decorative product range has won the Green Product Award 2022 in the Interior and Lifestyle category.

The Green Product Award recognises sustainable designs on a global stage. Innovus MFC is a decorative wood particleboard panel with a melamine surface for decorative purposes, like furniture and interior design projects, such as living rooms, offices or public spaces.

According to Sonae Arauco, Innovus MFC combines aesthetic components, technical performance and environmental sustainability with the incorporation of recycled wood and its high-tech surface.

Nils Bader, founder of the Green Product Award and director of the Green Future Club, commented: “The winner, Innovus MFC, proves that sustainability, design and innovation can be a perfect match for a more ecological lifestyle and future.”

João Berger, chief marketing and sales officer at Sonae Arauco, said: “It is with great pride and a sense of a job well done that we accept the Green Product Award, which means increased market recognition of the way our main collection addresses the challenge of climate change.

“This trend is going to affect business more in the future and Sonae Arauco is already well-positioned. We put wood-based solutions that retain carbon dioxide on the market and we do this through an excellent collection.”

The circular economy is one of the pillars of Sonae Arauco’s business model. The wood used in its products comes from sustainable, certified or controlled sources, and can be continuously incorporated into the industrial process and has a capacity to store CO2.

In 2021, with the products it placed on the market, Sonae Arauco was responsible for retaining around 3.5 million tonnes of CO2.