Södra’s CLT to be used in construction of “Hoppet” preschool in Sweden

Södra will be supplying CLT (cross-laminated timber) to the “Hoppet” preschool innovation project in Gothenburg, a major city in Sweden. The climate impact of the construction project is 70 percent lower than similar projects of this nature, and is part of the process to achieve the City of Gothenburg’s goal of becoming a climate-neutral city. The preschool is expected to be completed in 2021. 

“We are both proud and happy to be a part of this project. Having our CLT as part of the framework of a project with such a clear sustainability profile is further testimony to the climate benefits of building with timber,” said Martina Harvey, Head of Sales at Södra Building Systems.

The “Hoppet” preschool is a unique project in which all those involved have left no stone unturned in their efforts to achieve the most climate-neutral project possible. The sustainability targets are ambitious, and have provided a reduction in climate impact of approximately 70 percent for the main structural elements compared with a typical newly built and comparable preschool in Gothenburg. Södra’s CLT, which is locally produced in Värö with raw materials from Swedish forests, was chosen to make up part of the framework.

“Timber is the only building material that is renewable, and our production is also fossil-free. We are therefore able to offer a sustainable alternative in a construction industry that is faced with significant challenges when it comes to sustainability. Alongside our partners, we can use our shared competence and experience to achieve something entirely new with this project and hopefully set a new standard in the industry,” said Martina Harvey.

In recent years, Södra has successfully worked to promote interest in building using solid wood, while in parallel making significant investments to increase production in Värö.

“Greater usage of timber in the construction industry is necessary to drive change and the transition to a more sustainable and climate-neutral industry. Therefore, we are working to both raise awareness of the material and are investing in increased production,” said Martina Harvey.