SmartWOP: New HOMAG software for easy and flexible furniture design

HOMAG has launched a new computer-aided design (CAD) / computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system, SmartWOP, that aims to offer its customers a new software that is user-friendly, yet flexible in design.

Smart, simple and fast design of closets in the future with SmartWOP (Image source: HOMAG)

The software for innovative designs

According to HOMAG, the user can use SmartWOP to design individual furniture quickly and intuitively using a drag-and-drop function. The individual components of a furniture item are drawn into a previously selected volume.

In addition to the standard rectangular volume, specific volumes such as sloping ceilings or corner cabinets are also available. The furniture already designed can be stored in a separate library and can be called up or changed at any time. The room planning allows entire furnishings to be designed quickly and easily, for example, for offices or kitchens.

Intelligent operation and flexible design paths

The options for operation and design via drag-and-drop allow users to create custom-made furniture without any CAD knowledge. The opening of doors and drawers can also be simulated, meaning potential collisions with neighbouring components are monitored and displayed.

In addition, fixtures and connectors can be set. The scope of delivery includes a library with the common fixtures of manufacturers. HOMAG reported that its woodWOP components can also be added to the furniture without any problems.

Individual design of all furnishings

SmartWOP allows users to design not only individual pieces of furniture but also entire furnishings. The room planning also allows users to design individual cabinets up to entire living areas — depending on the requirements.

Integration of woodWOP into SmartWOP

The integrated interaction between the two HOMAG software solutions, woodWOP and SmartWOP, offers allows users to select a single part of an individual item of furniture in SmartWOP and opening it directly in woodWOP. Processing steps can now be added and saved in woodWOP. All changes can be transferred directly to SmartWOP and visualised there.

Transfer of data to HOMAG digital assistants

Production data such as computer numerical control (CNC) programmes, parts lists for panel cutting, fixture lists and technical drawings can be generated at the touch of a button. The generated data can then be passed directly to HOMAG’s digital assistants and applications, such as productionManager and intelliDivide.