Smartply’s new OSB plant by Büttner operationally ready in Ireland

From 3D planning to realisation, the new Büttner plant for Smartply is operationally ready (Image: Büttner)

Büttner has announced that its contract with Smartply, an oriented-strand board (OSB) based in Ireland, for the renewal of Smartply’s entire energy and drying systems at the Waterford location in July 2020 has concluded.

Four existing older drum dryers were to be replaced by a new, large type 7×38 Büttner OSB dryer. The scope of delivery for the dryer included completely new wet material conveyors and a Büttner wet material bin above the drum. Smartply also wanted to switch its power generation to a new Büttner energy system.

In addition to the engineering services, the order also set out other performances, including the integrated automation for the entire process, all logistics, the entire mechanical and electrical installations, commissioning and other services. Delivery was to take place at the beginning of 2021 and the plant completed in March 2022.

The switch from the old to the new plant was effected in the shortest possible time so that the new plant could achieve 100% of its operational performance by the contractually agreed deadline on 12 May 2022.

According to Büttner, this order constituted the largest order in the company’s history.