Smarter and more reliable: New intelligent extinguishing module by Fagus-GreCon

The new intelligent extinguishing module, GreCon IEM

Fagus-GreCon has launched a new intelligent extinguishing module, the GreCon IEM, with sensors integrated to improve the facilities’ operating safety by integrated early wear recognition.

According to a press release by the company, small leaks can be detected automatically and reported to the control centre, thus informing the facility’s operator that wear parts need to be replaced soon.

Furthermore, when temperatures approach freezing, the integrated temperature supervision will activate the heating cartridge to ensure smooth operation of the facility even in outdoor areas. The risk of unplanned downtimes lowers and availability increases.

The GreCon IEM also permits specification of custom maintenance intervals based on wear data, thus extending maintenance intervals but also increasing the service lives of the spare parts monitored.

Fagus-GreCon specialises in manufacturing spark extinguishing systems that protect industrial production plants from dust fires and explosions.