Singapore furniture label Commune to launch digital platform in shops and an Augmented Reality app for customers

Named Commune: In Motion, the digital platform used in Singapore’s furniture company Commune’s retail shops is a smart cloud-based retail solution that brings together the store’s customer and back-end data, allowing staff to access information and serve clients more efficiently, reported the Straits Times.

Even before they interact with a customer, staff will be able to access customer preferences and shopping history from their interactions with Commune’s website and mobile app, allowing them to deliver a more customised shopping experience. Commune said that it will reduce the time taken to serve customers by about 70 per cent.

Staff will also be able to access product information, key selling points, and inventory data via mobile or tablet, meaning they no longer have to walk away from the customer to check information on a desktop.

Commune Brand and Design Director Julian Koh said: “When staff have to head behind a counter and make the customer wait for more information, it breaks the interaction. This system will help make things more seamless and help us serve customers better.”

Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry Chee Hong Tat, who visited the store, said Commune is a good example of how companies can use technology and innovation to transform the retail sector.

“My belief is that there is no sector that can say they don’t want to transform or cannot transform. It is possible for every sector,” he said, adding that this includes small- and medium-sized enterprises.

“There are plug-and-play solutions that are available. The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) offers a range of digital solutions that companies can use and deploy readily.”

Supported by government agency Enterprise Singapore and IMDA

The platform was a result of an experience technology road map that was developed through a design thinking workshop organised by IMDA.

Speaking about digital solutions, Commune chief executive Joshua Koh said that the retailers who thrive in the next decade will be those who can reimagine their stores for the digital age.

Adding that he firmly believes brick-and-mortar stores are not dead, Mr Koh said: “Brick and mortar retailers have enormous opportunity to leverage the distinct benefits of ‘old fashioned, in-person shopping’ in ways that digital sites can only dream about. People still want that human touch.

“The winners of tomorrow will be those who are able to transport the digital world into their stores in a manner that delights customers, build loyalty and generate brand value.”

Augmented Reality app to help customers visualise furniture in homes

With Commune rolling out a new mobile application in late August, home owners shopping for furniture will be able to picture what a piece in the store will look like in their homes, reported the Straits Times.

The augmented reality (AR)app will enable them to preview furniture pieces in their homes via their smartphones.

The app uses the phone’s camera to scan a room, after which the user can place virtual 3D models of furniture in it and view them through their smartphone camera.

The app should be launched by the end of the month.