Siempelkamp’s high-performance short-cycle press for Egger improved efficiency

Optimised pressure distribution, reduced pressing and charging times, differentiated hydraulic control of the press cylinders are some of the advantages of using the short cycle presses made by Siempelkamp. These machines are ideally positioned in the wood-based panel industry due to their performance capabilities and are registering greater interest in the market. High-performance CT currently illustrates further advantages – Siempelkamp short-cycle presses can be tailored to any specific requirement with the right intralogistics.

<Caption> Siempelkamp short-cycle press by Egger

The combination of top press technology and development in partnership with the customer is currently experiencing a new peak phase: A high-performance KT700 was developed at the main plant of the Egger Group in St. Johann, which Siempelkamp developed in close cooperation with the plant operator’s planning specialists. Here, it was necessary to meet special requirements in terms of arrangement, flexibility and accessibility in an existing hall. In addition, the focus was on simple maintenance and servicing of the plant, which extends over five levels.

The result: a high-performance KT with which the Egger meets the high demand for synchronous pore surfaces on both sides, one of its premium products. The plant, which went into operation at the end of 2018, has a pressing force of up to 700 N/cm²; around 180 pressing operations per hour are possible.

The extraordinary features of the KT700, coupled with the precisely tailored intralogistics on site, make this system not only highly flexible and efficient, but also suitable for publicity: The customer also shows the system to visiting customers and users as well as student groups and other interested parties during his numerous factory tours.