For its second production plant near Inegöl, Turkish wood-based materials manufacturer Starwood has ordered its second thin-board plant for the production of thin medium- and high-density fibreboards (MDF/HDF). This is the fifth time that Starwood has chosen to use Siempelkamp’s ContiRoll® press technology and a Siempelkamp plant.

The new high-performance thin board plant is being built at Starwood’s second site near Inegöl, which has so far been used for wood chip production. It supplements the capacity of approximately 750 to 800 m³/day currently being produced on the first 7′ line. The new 8′ line is designed for a capacity of an additional 1,000 m³/day with board thicknesses of 2.7 to 3.0 mm. Their thickness ranges from 1.5 mm to 6 mm. It is therefore geared to the production of thin and ultra-thin boards, but can also be used in furniture board production for MDF and L-MDF up to 22 mm.

Very thin MDF boards are increasingly being used, for example, as furniture back panels, top layers of doors or drawer bottoms. Thin MDF can only be produced economically with very fast-running plants. The new plant for Starwood is therefore designed to run at 2,000 mm/s. The core of the scope of supply is the moulding and press line around the ninth-generation ContiRollÒ continuous press in the 8′ x 28.8 m format. Besides the flexible infeed, the press is specially equipped with a hydraulic concept developed for thin and ultra-thin board production and a lightweight board package for furniture board production.

“The flexible press infeed is the guarantee for permanently high production speeds in thin board production. The compaction curve of the fibre mat in the press infeed is key for reliable and durable production at the highest press speeds. The overall configuration of the ContiRoll®’s hydraulic system allows for an almost isobaric press technology – with the smallest thickness deviations in the thin boards produced, which are further processed unsanded,” said Ulrich Kaiser, Sales Manager for wood-based material plants at Siempelkamp.

“Starwood is one of the thin panel specialists in our industry, always opening its doors to visitors from all over the world, and is considered a trendsetter with its thin board line 1. Many other customers worldwide have therefore followed this philosophy and our overall concept for thin board production and have chosen Siempelkamp technology.”

In addition to the press technology, the spreading technology is also crucial for successful thin board production. In this case, Siempelkamp relies on the “Starformer”, which has been further developed especially for this application and features a downstream fine leveller which eliminates the need to mill (scalp) the fibre mat and guarantees the best spreading accuracy. The overall concept is rounded off by the adaptive spreading system developed by Siempelkamp which allows automatic control of the spreading machine settings.

Also included in the delivery range is a fibre dryer from Siempelkamp’s subsidiary Büttner, as well as the glue dosing system including Ecoresinator. The Ecoresinator installed in Starwood’s first thin board line in 2010 was the first of its kind and the result of a joint development project between the two companies. Thanks to a special injection concept, the system reduces the amount of glue used by up to 15%, while at the same time improving board quality and surface finish. Starwood will operate three of these systems in the future. The number of references for the Siempelkamp Ecoresinator has therefore increased to a total of 44.

The configuration of the cooling and stacking line, which is designed for masterboard production, is also a special feature of the overall concept. Their four-fold diagonal saw unit and two cooling star turners aim to ensure optimal production and conditioning of the panels. With this plant, the installed base at Starwood supplied by Siempelkamp increases to five ContiRollsÒ – two for particleboard production and three for MDF production. The project also represents another milestone in the cooperation with the GIM Export Group, an important connection for Siempelkamp to the Turkish market. The current order represents the 30th new plant to be realised jointly by Siempelkamp and the Göttingen-based company.

Assembly will start in mid-2021, and based on the long years of cooperation and experience of both companies, the goal to produce the first board is planned for end of 2021. Starwood, already established in the wood-based products industry for four generations, is one of the largest industrial companies in Turkey. “We are pleased to once again contribute with a plant to our Turkish partner’s growing production capacities and to support its importance on the market with first-class press concepts,” added Samiron Mondal, Member of the Management Board of G. Siempelkamp GmbH & Co. KG.